Saturday December 03 2022 • posted by james

2023 Price increase

Update 9 Jan 2023: The new pricing is now active for all new subscriptions.

For the first time since we launched, we’re raising our prices. The new pricing will come into effect on Monday, January 9th 2023 and will be as follows:

Monthly (solo and team members)

Old price New price
USD $5.00 $6.00
GBP £3.50 £5.00
EUR €4.00 €5.75

Yearly (solo)

Old price New price
USD $50.00 $60.00
GBP £35.00 £50.00
EUR €40.00 €57.50

This will initially apply to new subscriptions only, but we may need to adjust existing subscriptions in the future. If you cancel and resubscribe after this change comes into effect, you’ll be charged at the new rates.

You can still subscribe to our yearly plan to get 12 months for the price of 10. And subscribing now will lock in the “old price” for 12 months. We’re not making any changes to the free plan.


We know there’s never a good time for a price increase, but prices everywhere have been going up, including our upstream providers, and we need to maintain a sustainable business. We hope you’ll understand why this is necessary for us to continue offering the service.

This is the first time we’ve raised our prices since starting IRCCloud in 2010. In fact, the new prices are less than half the cost of our earliest unlimited plans.


As well as adapting to a global pandemic, over the past few years we’ve been focusing on improving and maintaining our service stability following some difficult periods of downtime. A few highlights:

We’ve also continued to ship releases to our mobile apps to keep them up to date with all our features and the latest OS updates.

We appreciate all our customers who’ve supported us over the years, and we hope to continue to provide a valuable service for many more years to come.