Thursday March 06 2014 • posted by RJ

Private servers for teams

Today we’re announcing private servers for teams.

Every team account now has access to a private server just for team members. It can easily be adopted by existing teams, and is the default during new team creation.

Using one of our team servers will isolate your chat on a dedicated, private server that only your team members can join. This frees up popular channels and nicknames for you to use, and helps avoid any spam or network troubles afflicting large public IRC networks.

Getting set up

To set up a server, just choose your team channels when starting a team. If you’ve already got a team, you can add a new server from your admin page, and all your members will join up automatically.

You can still provide details for a custom IRC server if you’re running your own or using a public network.

About team servers

Our team servers are built on IRC, and you can join them from any client by connecting to on SSL with your unique server password; available in Advanced Options when editing your connection details.

We designed the servers to be as hassle-free as possible. No messing with chanserv or registering nicks.

There is no NickServ

Within your team, you should know who’s who, and not try to steal their nickname.

There is no ChanServ

Team admin powers

Team admins will automatically get a +o usermode, allowing them to op themselves in any channel, and use the /KILL command (for instance, to remove ex-team members).


As ever, you can reach us at or in our #feedback channel.