Tuesday December 17 2013 • posted by RJ

Automatic Pastebins

Pasting in lots of lines of text is considered bad etiquette on IRC. It breaks the conversation flow, and can result in you being kicked or banned from a channel.

Pastebins to the rescue! A pastebin lets you paste a large body of text, and receive a new URL to share with people.

We now automatically offer to pastebin your message if you try sending a multi-line message.

Pastebin prompt

People on IRCCloud have the pastebin embedded…

Embedded pastebin

… while other clients just get a link.

Our pastebins support line numbers and some basic syntax highlighting, both off by default

We’re limiting pastes to 50 KB. If you need more than that, or want better code highlighting, give a specialist tool a try, such as Github’s Gist.