Thursday November 28 2013 • posted by james

Nickname colours

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of who’s talking in a busy channel, so we’ve added a setting to colourise nicknames in chat.

Here’s how it looks…

Colourised chat

… and here’s the setting to turn it on:

Preference option

It’s only available on the web app for now, but we’re working on bringing it to the mobile apps in an upcoming release.

We use a hash of the nickname to assign colours, so people stay the same colour in different channels.

See if you can find all the colours without cheating!

Alex Vidal deserves a mention here for his work on the browser script that inspired this feature. We love it when people customise their IRCCloud experience with scripts and themes, and his was a much-loved extension. Join our #themes channel to find more add-ons and share your own work.

You could even make a user style to change the nick colours…