Saturday November 02 2013 • posted by james

Simpler (lower) pricing, team accounts, and more

Pay less for more!

We’ve updated our pricing so that there’s now just one unlimited subscription level. No more bronze/silver/gold. The new prices are, depending on your geography, $5, €4 or £3.50 per month.

You can now subscribe with a direct card payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express – and we still support PayPal.

Existing PayPal subscriptions will continue to work at the original price, except now they all act like unlimited gold subscriptions. You’re welcome to cancel and recreate your subscription if you want to take advantage of the new prices, or to change your payment method.

If you recently signed up on an old plan and want to switch to the new pricing, we’re happy to refund your most recent payment. Just send us an email and we’ll sort it out.

For those of you on the old silver and gold plans, we’re aware that you’re missing out on the discount that old bronze accounts are getting. We promise to sort something out for you in the coming weeks. In the mean time, remember to change your subscription to the new pricing.

Free trial

If you choose not to upgrade, you’ll have a 7 day trial period before your account becomes limited.

Limited accounts are disconnected after 2 hours unless you have the web site or one of the mobile apps open (this was previously 2 days).

Trialing and limited accounts can’t access passworded servers, and can only add 2 external networks, other than Paid accounts stay connected forever and can add as many networks as they need.

Team accounts

Teams let you configure default servers and channels, invite people in your organisation to join, and pay for all team members with a single monthly payment.

You can create a team here, or email us if you have any questions about using IRCCloud in your team

Privacy and Data Security

We have a new page which answers some common privacy and security questions:

Take a look if you’re interested in our use of encryption, OPERing on IRCCloud, and our data retention policies.

Supporting IRCCloud on your network

If you run an IRC network, make sure you’re familiar with the IP addresses we use, and how to identify users connecting from our service. You may need to increase our session limit. All the information you need should be on our Networks FAQ and abuse policy pages.

Check our changelog for more, and as always, send an email to if you have any questions about these updates or the service in general.