Monday July 22 2013 • posted by james

iOS Mobile App

Our iOS app has landed. It’s free to download now in the App Store and it works on Phones, Pods and Pads.

iOS Sidebar View iOS Chat View

It has push notifications, an inline image viewer, and all the features you’d expect from an IRCCloud mobile app.

iOS Push Notification

Like the Android app, it fully syncs with IRCCloud on the web—all your channels and messages are available, and the app will keep up to date with everything you’ve read.

iPad landscape view

The app runs in portrait only on iPhones and iPods, and landscape only on iPads. Alternate orientations will be available in future updates.

Note: You’ll need an existing account to use the app.

Join the #feedback channel on IRC to give us feedback on the app, and report any problems. As always, our Chief International Mobile Strategy Response Director, Sam “Man of” Steele, will be standing by to respond to any questions or problems you might have.

Pro tips

Download on the App Store