Friday May 17 2013 • posted by James

Funding announcement (we're hiring)

We’ve just finalised a round of seed funding for IRCCloud, led by Index Ventures.

We raised £500,000 (~$760,000) towards growing the team, investing in infrastructure so we can open up signups, and rolling out a bunch of new features.

Currently we’re looking to fill a variety of engineering, ops and design positions. We’re updating IRC for the modern always-on internet. If developing, scaling and designing new interfaces for 25 year old hacker technology strikes you as an exciting challenge, we’d love to meet you.

Have a look at our jobs page for details.

IRCCloud was started in 2010 in London as a team collaboration service built around the IRC community that’s fast, reliable, and a pleasure to use. The founders are Richard Jones (Audioscrobbler and founder) and James Wheare.