Monday September 14 2015 • posted by james

Web app redesign

Today we’re launching a design update for the web app. And with it some highly requested features. These updates will make it to our mobile apps in due course.

We’ve retired the header, and links that used to live there and in the sidebar have been reorganised into an account menu in the bottom right.

Colour schemes

7 new official dark themes

The settings screen has had an overhaul, most notably to accomodate a range of new colour schemes, a monospace font option, and a switch to move the sidebar to the left.

Next, options that used to be per-channel, like image embedding, can now be set globally.

And for those of you with too many channels to keep on top of, you can now choose to mark channels as read automatically.

We’ve also added more nickname colours, so clashes should be less common—but they can never be fully avoided. A side effect is that colour assignments will have changed.

There are lots of other little changes, let us know your favourites in our #feedback channel or on Twitter.

Oh and ask us on IRC if you’d like to be included in early beta access to these changes on mobile.

Tuesday February 24 2015 • posted by jonty

File Uploads

Now you can drag-and-drop images and other files directly into IRCCloud channels, and we’ll automatically upload and host the file for you.

As well as drag and drop, you can use the upload arrow on the right-hand side of the chat box - you can even copy & paste files and image data if you need to.

After dropping files you’ll see a dialog where you can view file details and attach a message, however if you’re in a hurry just hold shift and it’ll drop a link into the channel right away.

Files are stored forever, until you delete them, which you can do at any time.

Mobile App Support

The IRCCloud Android app already supports our new file uploads, updates to the iOS app coming soon! If you’d prefer to keep using imgur, don’t worry, you can choose it in the settings.


We’ve also taken this opportunity to roll out some improvements to pastebins. They’re now editable, and you can choose a file name and extension to help with syntax highlighting (which is running on a much improved engine).

You can also view and manage all your pastebins in a brand new section, accessible from the upload arrow. If you’d rather use keyboard shortcuts, you can also create pastebins with the new /paste command.

Monday February 16 2015 • posted by russ

Log Downloads

We’ve been a bit quiet over the last six months - we’ve been hard at work upgrading our backend software, updating our payment process to comply with the new EU VAT rules, and improving our resilience to DDoS attacks. Finally we have a new feature to release: log downloads.

All users can now download their logs from IRCCloud, starting from the day you signed up. On the web site, click “Download Logs” in the “Options” menu of any channel, and you can choose to download the logs for the current channel, network, or all your logs. It may take an hour or so to assemble all your data and package it as a handy zip file, so you’ll get an email when your logs are ready to download.

Logs are exported in plaintext files, similar to those produced by other IRC clients, but we’re interested in adding other formats in the future.

We’re still working on indexing our massive volume of logs so that you can easily search them from within IRCCloud, as well as a few other features which we should be releasing soon.

Monday June 23 2014 • posted by james

Camera uploads from mobile

Today we’re releasing an update to the mobile apps that introduces photo uploading. You can now take a picture on your device’s camera, or choose from your camera roll, and upload it straight to IRC.

Get the updates now for Android and iOS.

For the initial release we’re using imgur to store uploads, and if you’ve got an imgur account, you can connect it in the app settings to make sure uploads get saved to the right place.

Behind the scenes, we’re working on a more complete upload service to let you upload more files from more platforms, but we wanted to let you start uploading photos straight away, and imgur on the mobile apps was the quickest way to get that done.

Let us know how you get on with uploading from the apps and what sort of files you want to see us support in future.

Friday April 25 2014 • posted by james



IRCCloud now has native support for all your favourite Emoji.

You can use shorthand emocodes (with autocomplete!) to send them and they’ll be converted to unicode so anyone using another IRC client that supports emoji can enjoy your graphical exuberances.

And for browsers without full native support 👍 (Chrome and Firefox) we’re swapping out the unicode for images.

You can turn the conversion off in Settings, but bear in mind that people will still be able to send you the unicode, and they’ll show up as images.

We’ve taken care to avoid erroneous conversion in things like code, IPv6 addresses and hostmasks, but please let us know if you find any cases where the conversion is still too enthusiastic.

And before anyone mentions it; yes, we remember our about page:

“…as a matter of good taste, we promise never to add graphical emoticons.”

And we stand by that. Plain text emoticons like :) :( ;) and friends will never be converted automatically — though :): exists as an emocode shorthand for 😃. Emoji and emoticons are different beasts, and we fully embrace their diversity.

If you want to play around with emoji or give us some feedback, hop into the aptly-named # channel on and 🔫 the 💨 with us.